Thank You

Ellen | The biggest thank you goes out to you. Not only for providing us with exclusive content for this fansite, but also — and especially — for being the wonderful, caring, and absolutely beautiful person that you are. I cannot wait to see where your career will take you next, and know that you will always have my full support, in everything that you choose to do. Thank you, Ellen! xoxo

Gertie | A special thank, for providing such an amazing hosting service, for always being so patient, and for all the time and work you’re putting into making all of this possible. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.

Kieran | This website – and all my other ones, for that matter – seriously wouldn’t be half as good if it wasn’t for your continued support, and contributions. Be that high quality pictures, or layouts. Thank you! ♥

Letsey | Another huge, huge thank you goes out to Letsey, for letting me use her 1080p Spartacus: Vengeance screencaps for the gallery! It is much appreciated :)

To the visitors, thank you for making us your number one fan resource for everything and anything Ellen Hollman. I do this for you guys: the fans and supporters of Ellen.