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AUSXIP Interviews Ellen Hollman

We have heard so much about the upcoming warrior Saxa who was quite a mystery to everyone leading up to the Spartacus Vengeance premiere and beyond. Recently I had the opportunity to interview Ellen Hollman, the spunky and entertaining actress, her answers emphasized she isn’t anything like her ferocious character. Ellen was also responsible for turning the tables on Lucy Lawless at the recent Official Xena Convention which was very funny to witness. We asked Ellen about her life, career choices, her charity organization which helps so many children in the Los Angeles area and of course about the force of nature that is Saxa.

Ellen, where did you grow up, tell us a little about your background?

I’m one of those wholesome Midwestern girls you hear about, hailing from Detroit, Michigan. We’re the type of breed that refuse to say “soda” instead of “pop” and still can’t figure out what a vegan is.

Did you always want to be an actress?

Nope. I used to be a landscaper and then went to school at MSU on scholarship for Business and Marketing, minoring in German. How’s that for a transition??

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