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Interview: Ellen Hollman Becomes Trinity, Fangirls Over Keanu Reeves & Learns from “The Matrix Resurrections”

The first scenes of “The Matrix Resurrections” are, for a time, nearly a shot-for-shot recreation of the opening scene of “The Matrix.” We see police and eventually agents approach Trinity in a room and try to arrest her before she does The Coolest Stunts In The Entire World. This turns out to be a simulation seen, and eventually participated in, by Bugs (Jessica Henwick). In fact, it’s such a thorough simulation that even the audience probably isn’t aware that Carrie-Anne Moss isn’t playing Trinity. That would be actress Ellen Hollman.

Hollman’s time in “Resurrections” is brief, but pivotal. She certainly shares a resemblance to Moss, a big part of which is thanks to the movie’s phenomenal hair and makeup team. Even though the scene is short, it still took weeks – even months – to prepare. Hollman’s husband, Stephen Dunlevy, is a prominent stuntman and stunt coordinator – part of the fabled 87eleven team – who also worked on “Resurrections.” As such, she was able to stick around for much of the behind-the-scenes action.

Looper spoke with Hollman about her role in “Resurrections.” She told us about the prep work, what Moss and Keanu Reeves are really like off set, and working with her husband in ways you wouldn’t expect.

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