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Website: We’re Finally Back!

Hey everyone,

I’m so incredibly sorry for the downtime these past couple of weeks. As you may or may not have heard, our previous host, Fan Sites Network, has sadly closed its doors after hosting us for the last two years, so I had to go and look for a new fansite host. I’m very grateful to Flaunt for giving Ellen’s website a new home. I was really worried about having to close the site down completely there for a second.

I’m also very, very grateful to Ellen for being so incredibly kind to give us the domain that she had previously used for her official site (thank you, hun! ♥) since we sadly lost our old domain in the process, so if you’re linking back to our fansite in any way, please make sure to change all your links to the new url!

Here is to many more awesome years to come ^^ I also have some new photos of Ellen for you a little later, since she has attended an event a couple of days ago, so keep an eye out for those :)

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