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Interview with Ouch Magazine

Ouch Magazine: Ellen you’re from the midwest – what makes a man or a woman sexy? How was the transition from Michigan to LA culturally for you?

Confidence, a sense of humor and good manners to boot are alluring on any man or woman. After transitioning to LA from the good ol’ midwest, those particular qualities are hard to find in a trio.

Ouch Magazine: This is the Hot Body issue and we chose you for the cover because you have one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood! Can you let the readers know how they can achieve a healthy body like yours? Walk us through a day in the life of your exercise routine.

Aww, thanks guys! Plenty of blood, sweat and tears go into being a German warrior for two seasons. This includes MMA, knife training and hot yoga with weights 5 days a week. Keeping a challenging and unique array of exercise is good way to ensure you wont bore yourself out of being fit. Nutrition is just as important, you’ve got to feed the machine well if you want to build lean muscle. Skinny girls can’t conquer Roman empires.

Ouch Magazine: Ok, what types of food do you avoid? What foods are life savers, with your busy schedule?

I avoid anything fried or smothered in dressing. Keeping a diet balanced in protein, carbs(yes, carbs) and good fats will ensure I don’t crash in between 14 hr days of shooting crazy fight sequences. A Luna bar slapped with almond butter and a coffee is my perfect pick me up.

Ouch Magazine:Lets talk about projects. How was it to be around some of the most fit men in the world, being on “Spartacus?” Any crushes while taping? If not… do you have a Hollywood crush?

Our actors are in amazing physical shape not simply for looks, but for functionality as well. To sustain the amount of stunts we are required to do, a couple hours in a gym won’t cut it. Hundreds of hours are spent in Gladiator Bootcamp, weapons training and learning fight beats. As for my crush? Egyptian, hands down. Any man who can wield reverse grip double daggers and rock a dreadlock mullet is dead sexy in my book.

Ouch Magazin: We are going to say a name – and we want your first thoughts for each person… go!

  1. Johnny Depp – looks great as a drag-pirate (haha says ouch!)
  2. Brad Pitt – Anyone with Angelina as an accessory is a lucky bastard
  3. Tom Cruise – Russel Terrier that can act
  4. Seal – Kiss From a Rose was my favorite slow song at middle school dances
  5. Sean P. Diddy Combs – Why sunglasses at night? Why?
  6. Justin Bieber – Cutiepatootie, don’t end up with a complex or in jail please
  7. Bradly Cooper – Rugged, handsome, talented, funny…he must be a cyborg.
  8. Ryan Gosling – Captivating in Lars and the Real Girl, puts Drive to shame
  9. David Bowie – Can probably fit into Imans clothes perfectly
  10. Mick Jagger – Moves like he’s made of Jell-o

Thanks for playing our game. Now back to questions:

Ouch Magazine: You are not only an actress, but you are the CEO and founder of a non-profit organization called Visual Impact Now. Tell us more about your organisation.

Visual Impact Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing eye exams and glasses to in need LAUSD students. We serve over 1,000 children at our annual regional clinics and have had amazing star studded support over the years. It’s a great way to wrack up the karma points!

Ouch Magazine: Since you have a amazing figure and can wear just about any designer and label- who are some of your favorites? Are you good at dressing yourself, or is a stylist a must-have?

It’s always fun to borrow a glamorous gown without dealing with the price tag. Only downside is that you have to give it back straight afterwards ala Cinderella. I’m not reliant on labels to ensure a rockin’ style either. If its fits well, makes a statement and doesn’t require me to sell a kidney to buy it then it works for me.

Ouch Magazine: What are some roles that you would love to land in the future? Maybe we can put in a good word! LOL

I’ve always been a sucker for action films and the super hero genre. Ms. Marvel would be a dream gig. Now that I’ve had a massive taste of kicking ass it’s become an obsession to focus my career in that direction..until my body falls apart of coarse.

Q. What accomplishments are you most proud of, and what do you feel needs some additional work?

I’ll give myself a lil pat on the back for surviving 14 hour shoot days for 7 months straight and still operating a fully functioning 501-c3 non-profit organization… overachiever much? I definitely have to work on pacing myself though and try not to squeeze 30 hours out of a day. Burning out is a pain in the ass.

Ouch Magazine: Do you ever get mistaken for other actresses? If so give us a few names!

I’ve got Michelle Pfeifer before which I’ll take any day. You should always be yourself unless you can be catwoman… always be catwoman.

Ouch Magazine: Any hidden talents you’d like to share?

Believe it or not I’m quite domestic. I pride myself on hosting obnoxiously ginormous dinner soirées. Donning an apron and manning an at capacity stove with a nice glass of red? My perfect Saturday.

Ouch Magazine: Thank you for gracing our first ever HOT body issue! Are there any projects that you want to mention, for 2013 and the future?

I currently have a film by the name of True Love, directed by Enrico Clerico Nasino that is doing the festival circuit. It’s a dramatic thriller and complete 180 from Spartacus.

Ouch Magazine: Where can OUCH Magazine readers connect with you and share the love?

@ellenhollman on twitter or my official FB page. I’m always posting fun updates and always appreciate the lovely support of fans!

Source: Ouch Magazine

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